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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Weekly Update 11/10/10

The move is almost done so I took some time yesterday to make the belt buckles for my Captain Harlock costume. Im also going to be pouring the second half of the barrel mold for the cosmo dragoon today.


  1. Those look really neat! I'm a cosplay noob so I'm curious as to what they are made of :O

  2. Very cool! You did a good job on the detail work - I wish I could make something like this!
    I really like all of your prop work ^^ I'm going to follow you~

  3. @ada they're made of an assortment of materials. I think I used 0.020" ABS, a metal buckle blank, some 1/4" ABS, and paperclay.

    @Ramiel Thank you.